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Welcome to Ident Specialists

What is a Dental Specialist?
Dental specialists are recognized to protect the public, nurture the art and science of dentistry and improve the quality of dental care. Specialists are recognized in those areas where advanced knowledge and skills of dentistry are essential to maintain or restore your oral health.

Ident Team of Dental Specialists in New York

Ident is a team of dental specialists’ whose goal is to assist you with your entire dental specialty needs offering courteous respectful dental care that’s efficient for you the patient. Ident specialists, in New York, offer personalized dental treatment plans developed in partnership with your general dentist. We are committed to providing the highest quality dental care, many of our dentists are board certified and are published in professional dental journals as well as teach other dental professionals.

Coordination of Dental Care

Our team of dental specialists offers a collaborative approach in dentistry working with you and your general dentist to obtain an ideal treatment plan that will meet your dental care needs.

New York Dental Spa Atmosphere

Ident Specialists are located in several convenient New York dental office locations throughout the Hudson Valley working closely with you and your general dentist. Most of our dental specialists practice at more than one dental office making it convenient for you, the patient, to receive the dental care you need. Our dental office locations offer comfortable and inviting atmospheres with meticulously designed clinical areas offering patient privacy and ensuring both HIPPA and OSHA regulations are met.

Insurance Utilization and Financing Options

As part of our commitment to our patients we provide high-quality dental care at affordable prices, and we know that every dollar that we can help you save is important. To help make your dental care as affordable as possible, Ident Specialists participate with many dental insurance plans throughout New York. We help you get the most out of your dental insurance benefits to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, we offer other options to help make the dental care that you and your family needs as affordable as possible such as zero percent financing and discount plan participation.