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Experience the Support of our Dental Network

If you're a general dentist, it's likely that many of the following challenges you have experienced:

More then often many patients are seeking to be seen by the All In One dental practice. Many general dentists don’t realize the value in working together with their network of referring dental specialists. Working with our team we ensure both the patient and the dentist that we deliver the best in communication and coordination of care with both the individual patients needs and the treatment plan of the general dentist. This allows for the patient to feel more comfortable with the support of a team approach for the proposed treatment plan knowing that all facets of the services will be rendered with care and attention.

Ident Specialists are here to work with you the general dentist to help achieve the goals set out for you and your patients. Our coordination of care is built on the philosophy that the business of dental care can be prioritized so the centric concern is the patient and that community ideals can be met starting with one patient at a time.